Megan Fox and her ever-changing face

10 Jul

Megan Fox – once known as the most beautiful woman in the world. When she first appeared on screen in Transformers she was a pretty new face, and men everywhere could’nt get enough of her. However – a few months after the movie aired her face began to change.

The initial plastic surgery she had – lip plumping and a nose job, turned her into a stunning young woman. Sadly though, she continued having more and more work done, and as a result – 4 years later, she’s looking kind of creepy. Starting at the tender age of 21, she has transformed her face dramatically and is now almost unrecognisable compared to a few years ago.

I am going to show you how she slowly changed her face over the years, and tell you what she had done.

Lets start with her nose. As far as I can tell, she’s had no less than THREE nose jobs so far.


Megan Fox Nose Jobs:

Before (2004)


After her first nose job in 2007:

After her second nose job she had in late 2008

(pictures from 2009)

And after her third nose job in 2010:

(pictures from 2010 and 2011)


Megan Fox Breast implants:

Now lets move on to her breast implants:


(2006 and 2007)


(Pictures from 2008 and 2010)


Megan Fox Lip Plumping:

Her lip plumping:


After Lip Plumping:


Megan Fox Veneers:

Teeth before::

After Veneers:

And then the botox.

She has definitely had botox, she may be denying it at the moment, but she’s lying.

She definitely had it, especially around the mouth. Her now smooth forhead may be from a mini brow lift though. But I think it’s botox.

She used to have a very different smile where her gums always showed, whereas after having botox around her mouth, her gums don’t show anymore.


And After:


Megan Fox Botox:


Here is a picture from the first transformers:

You can clearly see the creased forehead.

Now here’s a picture from Jenniffers Body where she had no crease at all when she should have because of the way she is pulling her face:

Transformers Revenge of the fallen:



She recently posted these photo’s of herself online, trying to deny that she’s had botox. She can crease her forehead slightly again, but that’s only because she hasn’t had anybotox recently.

And besides, she looks very weird. She looks nothing like she used to.

Megan Fox Jaw Augmention:




After : 2011




Some more pictures from the event show a scar on her chin that was never there before.





After : 2011:




(I don’t claim any rights to these pictures)


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10 Jul

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